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Sunrise to Sunset: A Day with Andrew Harris, Chicago's Add Photographer

Updated: Feb 14

The alarm buzzes well before dawn in the Harris household, signaling the start of a day that promises to be anything but ordinary. First on the agenda isn't a photoshoot or a client meeting; it's something far more important—getting my daughter ready and off to school. Amid the morning chaos of backpacks and breakfast, these moments are my daily dose of perspective, grounding me in what truly matters before the whirlwind of the city sweeps me away.

Next move in the playbook: hitting up the local café where they've got my "usual" brewing before I even walk in. It's not just a cup of joe; it's my starter pistol for the day. Here's where the switch flips from dad mode to beast mode, where I start psyching up for a day that's gonna be more jam-packed than a Bears game.

Ready to Make Your Dishes the Star of the Show?

In a world where everyone eats with their eyes first, your culinary creations deserve more than just a snapshot—they deserve to be immortalized. I'm Andrew Harris, your maestro behind the lens, ready to transform your menu into a visual feast that'll have customers lining up at your door. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of expertise, we'll cook up imagery that not only captures the essence of your dishes but tells the story of your brand.

Don't let your food be just another meal; let's make it a culinary adventure. Whether you're a chic café in the heart of Chicago, a bustling bistro, or a culinary innovator looking for the spotlight, I'm here to put your plates on the pedestal they deserve.

Let's chat and dish out some unforgettable imagery.

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