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Night Owls in the Grocery Aisles: Our Photographic Journey from Coast to Coast

Updated: Feb 8

Picture this: a band of intrepid photographers, led by the ever-determined Jared Powell, with Alex Hoxie, and myself—Andrew Harris—crisscrossing the nation to do something most wouldn't dare dream of. We're not just taking pictures; we're revolutionizing the way you think about your grocery run, one 3-D model at a time. This past week? It's been all about the Bay Area, turning nights into our playground as we digitally map out Safeway, making every aisle and product jump out of the screen and into the imagination of shoppers

East Coast Echoes, West Coast Waves

Flashback to last week, and you'd find us on the opposite coast, in Connecticut, weaving through another grocery giant, capturing its essence. Wild doesn't even begin to cover it. But it's not all work and no play; our trek to the Bay Area blessed us with a day off to roam the legendary streets of San Francisco. Trust me, hanging out in SF is as cool as it sounds—every corner turned is another photo op, another memory, another reminder of why we do what we do.

Calling All Grocery Gurus and Retail Renegades

So, to all you brands out there, wondering how to bring your spaces into the digital age, or just looking to spice up your aisles with some creative flair, you know who to call. We're ready to turn your store into an interactive masterpiece, to make your products pop off the screen, and to bring a bit of our night-owl magic to your shelves.

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