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In the Lens: Jenny McCarthy, Amazon's Magic, and Me, Andrew Harris

Updated: Mar 4

On a lively day at Chicago's Navy Pier, it was all about capturing moments in green with Jenny McCarthy for Amazon's Puff Ultra campaign.

I'm Andrew Harris, and this gig was far from the usual. McCarthy, vibrant and full of energy, was there championing National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, decked out in an outfit that screamed spring.

The shoot was straightforward yet electric. McCarthy, advocating for allergy relief, brought an authenticity to the session that you can't just stage. Her connection to the cause? Real. The setting for this? Amazon's setup was a photographer's playground. The Treasure Truck and a giant tent, looking like something out of a futuristic campsite, added an unexpected backdrop that made the day's work even cooler.

Capturing McCarthy in this vibrant environment, with the Amazon truck and the grandiose tent in the mix, was a highlight. It wasn't just about the person or the product; it was about the entire experience coming together, making each shot tell a part of the story.

Reflecting on the day, this shoot was a reminder of why I love this job. Fast-paced, filled with genuine moments, and a bit of Amazon magic made it memorable. For me, Andrew Harris, it was another day capturing life, one frame at a time, but with the added bonus of a unique setting that only a giant like Amazon could pull off.

Need Standout Campaign Photos? I'm Andrew Harris.

Got a campaign? Want it to hit hard? I’m your guy. Straight-up, impactful photography that grabs attention and keeps it. Let’s make your project unforgettable.

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