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A Journey Through Chicago with Andrew Harris: Capturing the Essence for Nulife Behavioral Health

Phase 1: The Windy City on Two Wheels

The adventure began in the bustling streets of Chicago, where my mission was to capture the city's heartbeat through its iconic landmarks. With my camera ready and bicycle at my side, I embarked on a journey to visit 10 different locations, each with its own unique story and significance to the city's cultural and architectural heritage. From the towering presence of the Sears Tower to the serene beauty of North Avenue Beach, each shot was meticulously planned and executed to bring out the essence of Chicago. This phase was not just about photography; it was about engaging with the city in an intimate, eco-friendly way, allowing me to see and capture moments that only a local perspective could provide.

Phase 2: The Buffalo Mobile Expedition

After the exhilarating experience of capturing Chicago's spirit, it was time to load up the "Buffalo Mobile" and head to Buffalo Grove. This next phase brought me to Nulife Behavioral Health's facility, where the focus shifted from architectural marvels to the human element and the environment they've created for healing and recovery. Here, my task was to capture professional headshots, portraying the dedication and warmth of the staff, as well as interior shots that highlighted the facility's welcoming and supportive atmosphere. This part of the project was about more than just photography; it was about telling the story of the people and spaces that make Nulife Behavioral Health a beacon of hope and recovery for those they serve.

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